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Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom DVD Set

by Jeff Cavins

In these twenty videos Jeff Cavins provides an in-depth explanation of the Acts of the Apostles.

These videos are just one part of the program. The Acts Study Set contains the study questions, responses, and talk notes needed for the study.

Videos included:

  1. Introduction
  2. Acts 1: Prelude to Power
  3. Acts 2: The Power of Pentecost
  4. Acts 3: The Miraculous Power of Jesus’ Name
  5. Acts 4:1-31: The Church Acts with Boldness
  6. Acts 4:32–5:42: Problems Within, Persecutions Without
  7. Acts 6–7: The First Christian Martyr
  8. Acts 8: Kingdom Borders Expand
  9. Acts 9: The Persecutor Becomes the Preacher
  10. Acts 10: St. Peter’s Un-Kosher Picnic
  11. Acts 11–12: The Church in Antioch
  12. Acts 13–14: Paul’s First Missionary Journey
  13. Acts 15–16: The Jerusalem Council and Paul’s Second Missionary Journey
  14. Acts 17: Converts and Conflicts – Turning the World Upside Down
  15. Acts 18: Ministry in Corinth, Third Missionary Journey
  16. Acts 19: Ministry in Ephesus
  17. Acts 20–21: Paul Heads for Jerusalem
  18. Acts Acts 22:1–25:12: Paul Makes His Defense
  19. Acts 25:13–28:31: Paul’s Final Defense and Witness in Rome
  20. Conclusion

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