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From Nothing to Cosmos: God and Science Study Guide

This Study Guide contains comprehensive questions and answers for all the material in Science, God and Creation and From Nothing to Cosmos. It also has the power points from the presentations, as well as quotations, biographies, and references of major scientists and philosophers. Last, but not least, is the online forum staffed by teachers and professors to answer questions and provide structure.

Topics Covered

  • Why the occurrence of our universal constants and initial conditions cannot be explained by the contention that "it is just here."
  • How can the bible and science be reconciled?
  • What can Catholics believe about evolution?
  • How the human desire for the five transcendentals (perfect and unconditional Truth, Love, Justice/Goodness, Beauty, and Being) indicates the presence of a transphysical soul.
  • Why belief in an unrestricted, absolutely simple, pure power (i.e. God) is a more rational explanation than naturalistic explanations (multiverses, pure chance, etc.) to explain universal fine-tuning.
  • What about aliens?

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