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Joseph's Way: Prayer of Faith

Become the Father You're Called to Be.
Society goes by way of the family and the family goes by way of the father. If you want to change the world, change the human father. Joseph's Way: Prayer of Faith is the first release of a two volume series which transmits the biblical vision of fatherhood, its necessity, its glory, and its irreplaceable effect on families and society. Joseph's Way is a tough, bold, game-changing challenge to men of our age to pursue fatherly greatness. By comparing St. Joseph -Light of Patriarchs -with the great patriarchs of old-Abraham and Jacob -Joseph's Way provides fathers with invaluable practical tools and profound spiritual insights to help them become the great father that God has created them to be.

In Prayer of Faith: 80 Days to Unlocking Your Power As a Father you will learn:

• The three foundational characteristics of a great father

• How to unlock the hidden power that all fathers possess

• How crises are essential in the making of a man, and how to overcome them

• St. Joseph's secret weapons of effective fatherhood

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Devin Schadt is a husband, father, author and speaker who transmits the message of the glory, necessity, and power of fatherhood. Devin is the cofounder of the Fathers of St. Joseph, an apostolate that works for the renewal of authentic fatherhood. Devin lives in the Midwest with his wife and five children. 

Praise for Joseph's Way:

"Devin Schadt's Joseph's Way: The Call to Fatherly Greatness is distinctively unique, bold, and most timely for the man of today. This is no call for a Ward Cleaver or an Archie Bunker stereotype, rather, it is a poignant and pertinent challenge to men to be REAL men, i.e., men of HONOR and men of FAITH, especially when it involves the gift of FATHERHOOD. It is an inspired look into the patriarchal blueprint which gives us a glimpse into the mystery of Divine Paternity. God the Son came to reveal to us the love of God the Father and through God the Holy Spirit we are reborn as adopted children of God. Joseph's Way will become a classic but it will also help many men realize their sacred vocation to become great and holy fathers to their children. Assisted by their beloved spouses, fatherly greatness is no longer the purview of a few nor the possibility of some. Every man, especially every husband and every dad would appreciate and benefit from this book."
Rev. Fr. John Trigilio, Jr., PhD, ThD, President, Confraternity of Catholic Clergy author, Catholicism for Dummies Pastor, Our Lady of Good Counsel Church

"There is a distinct voice in Devin Schadt's Joseph's Way: The Call to Fatherly Greatness. It is a voice reminiscent of Thomas À Kempis. An ageless voice echoing a wisdom outside of time directed to the men of our time. This is not a soft summons to fatherly niceness. Nor is it a pleasant call to fatherly goodness. It is instead a tough, bold, game changing challenge to the men of our age to pursue fatherly greatness. It is an inspired decoding of a patriarchal plan reflecting nothing less than the Divine Paternity in the life of His Son's earthly father. It is utterly, inexpressibly, authentically transcendent. Joseph's Way is destined to be a spiritual masterpiece."
Brian Gail, best-selling Catholic author, Fatherless

"Joseph's Way: The Call to Fatherly Greatness is the perfect devotional for modern-day dads and husbands who want to walk in the footsteps of the man who most perfectly fulfilled his vocation to the married life. It was not without reason that God chose St. Joseph from all eternity to be the spouse of Our Lady and the earthly icon of his own Fatherhood. Joseph's faith, humility, and obedience serve as a blueprint for all of us who are striving within our families to become the men that God calls us to be. Within these pages, Devin Schadt offers spiritual insights that are practical, straightforward, and unapologetically challenging. When speaking to young men who would soon become fathers and husbands, Pope John Paul II noted, "We men do not have a deep enough interior life." Thanks to this series of books, this concern of our late Holy Father could gradually be laid to rest."
- Jason Evert, best-selling Catholic author, speaker

"How can so many words of wisdom be distilled from so silent a source? Taking the great St. Joseph -- that mysterious figure who goes through the New Testament without saying a word -- as his exemplar and inspiration, Devin Schadt has given husbands and fathers (and hence families) a very practical set of tools and insights with which to "step it up." This is not another churchy program. It's a Way that works. Indeed, this deceptively slender book series shows men that they weren't made to be meh, but magnificent.
Patrick Coffin, author and host, Catholic Answers Live

"In this age which seems to demean the role of husband and father, St. Joseph presents a startling and wonderful contrast to the selfish and indulgent view which so many have of husbands and fathers. His humility and obedience together with his faith, challenge us to become the men who God has called us to be. I am convinced that pursuing the volumes ofJoseph's Way: The Call to Fatherly Greatness will be a great value and gift for those who choose to read them."
Most Reverend John J. Myers, Archbishop of Newark

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