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Paul Tarsus to Redemption

by Matthew Salisbury

Lose yourself in these epic graphic novels, which re-imagine Paul's life in first century Palestine. In these manga adventures, Paul faces conversion, death, betrayal, constant danger and destroyed love. Now with all the volumes in one book.

A man from Tarsus... A persecutor who learned to love... A missionary who spread the truth...His name is Paul. Paul: Tarsus to Redemption is the second edition of the original manga series written by Matthew Salisbury and Gabrielle Gniewek, and illustrated by Sean Lam. This book retells the life of Paul, perhaps one of the most influential early Christian missionary.

The story begins with his days as a persecutor of early Christians, his conversion on the road to Damascus, his adventures as a missionary of the early church, and ending with his eventual imprisonment and execution in Rome. This graphic novel also includes a map that traces his journeys, as well as factual insights about the real Paul who lived during the height of the Roman Empire.

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