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St. Ignatius of Loyola: Leading the Way

by Toni Matas

Using historical records and beautiful artwork, this full-colour graphic novel for children ages 8-10 tells the exciting life story of Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

In the year 1491, in the Spanish town of Azpeitia, the Lord of Loyola and his wife give birth to a son, Ignatius. Growing up to serve the royal court of Castile and fight as a knight against the French, Ignatius seems to be fulfilling his dream of living like the men described in his chivalry and romance books. But when he starts reading about the life of Christ and the lives of the saints, he starts to feel unfulfilled by his current ways?

What causes Ignatius to reconsider his lifestyle? Will he continue his military career? Or will he discover how to be a very different kind of "soldier"?

Features & Benefits:

  • Presents content in graphic novel format
  • Introduces the faith in an appealing way
  • Includes an explanation of the Spanish Inquisition
  • Offers exposure to discernment of spirits

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