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Regenerate(d) 2015 CD Bundle

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8 talks recorded at Regenerate(d) 2015 Catholic Conference.

Bundle includes:

"Confession: The Sacrament of Divine Mercy" - Fr. Larry Richards
"Idols in Everyday Life" - Elizabeth Scalia
"7 Secrets of Divine Mercy" - Vinny Flynn
"The Devil's Dirty Dozen" - Sharon Lee Giganti
"Why do I confess my sins to a priest?" - Dr. Taylor Marshall
Bonus talk: Testimonial "The Other Side of the Confessional" - Fr. Richard Kowalchuk
"The Dangers of Playing God" - Sharon Lee Giganti
"The Price of Your Anger" - Dr. Taylor Marshall
Bishop's Address and Homilies - Most Rev. Daniel Miehm, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Hamilton, and Most Rev. Gerard Bergie, Bishop of the Diocese of St. Catharines

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