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DVD - The Problem Of Evil

by Jimmy Akin

If God is all-good and all-powerful then why is there evil?

This is perhaps the most vexing challenge that non-believers pose to Christians. Our world of violence, greed, and suffering seems incompatible with the God of the gospel. How can we answer the challenge?

In his DVD, The Problem of Evil, Jimmy Akin tackles this most difficult of apologetics questions. He builds a biblical and philosophical case for understanding how God’s perfections are not disproved by the existence of evil, but in fact allow for a world in which pain and sin may be mysteriously ordered by providence towards a greater good.

Jimmy offers valuable practical tips for discussing the question with skeptics, such as how to avoid certain well-meaning but incorrect answers Christians often give (plus the one thing you should never say). He also gives you seven useful approaches you can take when people’s faith (or your own) is shaken by suffering.

Watch The Problem of Evil and learn how God’s love does not fail in the face of evil, but shines through it and will triumph over it—in the world and in our lives.

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