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How To Watch Movies With Kids

by Hosea M. Rupprecht, FSP

"C'mon, Mom, everyone's seeing it," your child says to you. The latest movie is out in the theater, and though other parents are taking their kids, you're not quite sure if you should take yours. The kids have seen the billboards along the road, the advertisements on TV, and know the characters from the toys in their last fast-food meal. They have heard other kids talking about the movie-and so, says your little one, why can't I go see it?

What do you do? What is your strategy when it comes to your children and their media consumption?

As a parent (or anyone raising kids these days) you have your job cut out for you when it comes to media. The Church calls media "gifts of God," but the messages presented by the media do not always agree with our core values of love of God and love of neighbor. You want not only to pass on to your children good values, but also the faith and morals that you believe in.

Sometimes the media can help, but oftentimes it presents a challenge.

How to Watch Movies with Kids offers practical tips, questions to ponder, and resources to help you build your own family strategy for dealing proactively with media influences.

Sr. Hosea Rupprecht has worked in the field of media mindfulness and media literacy for many years, and in this book, she brings her expertise to you-so that you can make your own decisions and strategies for media use to fit the needs of your family.

Features & Benefits:

  • Includes an informative resource list
  • Features a section of family activities to be used in conjunction with the book
  • Includes discussion questions that can be used as is or adapted for every family

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