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Theology and Sanity

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by Frank Sheed

Vatican II issued an urgent call for the laity to take a more active role in the life of the Church. What should the life of the Christian believer be like? How are average lay Christians called to help save the world? How does theology fit into the picture?

One of Frank Sheed's most popular books, this ideal volume for the layman shows the practical aspects of theology in the life of a Christian believer. Logic, clarity, and simplicity permeate this eminently readable book. Drawing from his fifty years of street-corner preaching, as well as his long career as an author, lecturer and publisher, Sheed understands and communicates better than anyone the importance of theology and its relationship to living sanely in today's world. A brilliant synthesis of the Catholic view of life.

"Of Sheed's many books, this one is my favorite, not just because it includes the clearest explanation of the Trinity ever put on paper, but because it proves that only the Catholic view of reality can satisfy our mental hunger."
Karl Keating, Author, Catholicism and Fundamentalism

"Theology and Sanity is simply one of the best books on the Catholic faith ever written. It offers clear thinking (sanity) when it comes to God and what he has created (everything else).
This book revolutionized my life when I first read it over thirty years ago. I was then an Evangelical Protestant and a fan of C.S. Lewis. I challenged a Catholic friend to show me the Catholic Lewis. My friend handed me Theology and Sanity. Frank Sheed was, like C.S. Lewis, a master of lucidity. It was Sheed who first led me to think seriously about Catholicism."
Mark Brumley, President, Ignatius Press

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