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Create, Destroy, Redeem; An Interactive Advent Companion

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Rip it. Drop it. Doodle it. Destroy it. 

Most of us have been taught to treat books with respect, not to damage the binding or fold the pages or rip out a page that strikes us — those rules do not apply to this book. Create. Destroy. Redeem: An Interactive Advent Companion is meant to be, well, destroyed. Offering a challenge for each day during Advent, the book will look nothing like what you started with by the time Christmas rolls around. In the midst of the doodling, spilling, and tearing, this companion offers insight into the Beatitudes, reframing them as the destruction of the perfect world that God created, the now broken world that is in need of a redeemer, Jesus, who was born on Christmas Day more than 2,000 years ago. Providing a hands-on — and, admittedly, somewhat destructive — way to prepare for and celebrate the coming of the Lord at Christmas, Create. Destroy. Redeem: An Interactive Advent Companion is a must have for any teen.

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