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Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom Starter Pack

by Jeff Cavins and Sarah Christmyer

The Compelling Story of the First Christians

Acts is the story of how a few Christians empowered by the Holy Spirit were chosen to bring Christ and the Good News to the ends of the earth. They faced secular forces, internal strife, and hostile crowds, and despite all of this, they brought the kingdom of God to a broken world and the love of God to the hearts of men.

The Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom study program traces how the Gospel witness spread outward in waves from Jerusalem and reveals how the seeds of Church structure and authority took root. Presenter Jeff Cavins shows how the joys and struggles of the early Christians in living the life of Christ apply to us today. The 20-session Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom study program will help you to see your place in the Church as a disciple of Christ.

Components of This Study Program

  • Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom DVD set, which includes twenty 50-minute video presentations.
  • Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom Workbook, which contains session summaries, home reading assignments, study questions and responses, and talk notes designed to accompany these videos.

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