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Building the Kingdom; A History of the Catholic Church

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by Robbie Penate


Did you know that for 2,000 years the Catholic Church has been the leading pioneer in science, the arts, culture, and epic sword battles?

You may not realize it, but the History of the Catholic Church is a robust and heroic tale of our ancestors – ancestors who have fought courageously to preserve the Catholic faith despite heresy, murderous dictators, and warring regimes while stopping at nothing less than sainthood. It is within these stories that we are reminded of where we came from and encouraged in the direction we are going.

Building the Kingdom serves up the tale of our history in a relevant and profound way. It offers an enjoyable perspective of history focusing on the “why” of the event, as well as the “what.” Building the Kingdom is about learning the heart of the Church rather than simply reciting the facts. And that is what good history teachers are made of.

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