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Could You Not Watch with Me One Hour?

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by Fr. Florian Racine

Fr. Florian Racine offers us a beautiful formation guide on Eucharistic adoration that will help us to practice it in all its depth, and with a missionary perspective.

God has made himself particularly close to mankind in Jesus his Son. The redemptive Incarnation of his Son is how God reconciles mankind with himself. The memorial of the Passover of Christ is therefore at the heart of our relationship with God. In the Blessed Sacrament, the resurrected Jesus is really present and acting; he draws all mankind into his filial relationship with the Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thus, following the plan of God, Catholics put the Eucharist at the heart of their lives, and take time to adore Jesus in the Holy Sacrament. The adorer wants to abide within the dynamic life of the Eucharist, just as he desires that the Eucharist transform his whole life. Adoration and Eucharistic life transform believers into the image of Christ.

The author invites us on an itinerary, a journey of faith, in fifty-two stages—as many as the weeks in a year. He starts by showing how the Word of God is made present in the Eucharist, and then he invites us to mature in faith and to be transformed by a greater communion with Christ.

Fr. Florian Racine, a priest in the Diocese of Frejus-Toulon, France, and the moderator of the Missionaries of the Most Holy Eucharist, a clerical association erected by Bishop Dominique Rey in 2007. He is now rector of the Basilica of St. Mary Magdalene church in Saint-Maximin, France.

Praise for Could You Not Watch with Me One Hour?:

"Eucharistic adoration is the most important devotion of our time, and Fr. Florian Racine offers us great insight and practical ideas in helping our adoration of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist bear much fruit! Give Jesus one hour and change your life! I encourage anyone who wants to grow more in love with prayer with Jesus to read this book!"
Fr. Larry Richards, Author, Be a Man!

"These reflections are profound, but gently pastoral; sweeping, yet accessible. This is guidance and advice that is practical, realistic, and inspiring that covers topics from simple humility to bold spiritual warfare, from spiritual dryness to moments of flooding grace. Centered on scripture and punctuated with insights from saints, popes, and the wisdom of the Church across the ages, they provide a powerful exposition of him who is exposed before us in adoration."
Daniel P. Guernsey, Editor, Adoration: Eucharistic Texts and Prayers throughout Church History

"Fr. Florian imparts to us a mine of Eucharistic truths, a volume saturated with the wisdom of the saints, which guide, prompt and compel us to re-discover the 'Prisoner of Love' who awaits us in the tabernacle—in the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Like John the Baptist, Fr. Florian directs our hearts toward the hidden and often unrecognized Messiah, who waits for each of us to discover his true presence."
Devin Schadt, Author, Joseph's Way: Prayer of Faith

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