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Epic: Early Church Starter Pack

The second study in the Epic Church history series, The Early Church is a 10-part program that presents in exciting and dramatic detail the first 500 years of the Church through the lives and events of the saints, philosophers, theologians, martyrs, and ruthless emperors. For group or private study.

The Early Church was the Catholic Church

Discover beyond any doubt that early Christian Church was indeed Catholic.

  • Discover the major people, places, and events of the first 500 years of Church history
  • Recognize that the early Christian Church truly was the Catholic Church
  • Gain a greater understanding of the teachings and dogmas of the Catholic Faith—and meet those who gave their lives to define and defend them
  • Discover that many of the challenges facing the Church today are the same ones boldly confronted by the Early Church Fathers
  • Learn how the heroic stories of the saints can challenge and affirm your own walk of faith...and much more!

This Starter Pack contains everything a leader needs to begin the The Early Church Study, including:

  • 5 DVD Set (Ten, 45-50 min. Sessions)
  • Study Set (Epic: The Early Church Student Workbook; Epic: The Early Church Timeline Chart; Epic Bookmark)
  • Leader’s Pack (Epic: The Early Church Leader’s Guide; Epic: The Early Church Timeline Chart; Epic: Bookmark

Each participant of the Study should have their own Study Set, and additional facilitators should have their own Leader’s Pack.

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