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I Will Remember You

by Kimberly B. Schuler

The experience of losing a loved one ushers us all into the unfamiliar and unwelcome territory of grief. But for a child, encountering the mystery of death can be particularly overwhelming.

I Will Remember You is a child's guide through grief that is formed both by the truths of our Catholic faith and by what bereavement professionals have found helpful.

I Will Remember You assists a child through the grieving process while helping them to honor the memory of their loved one. In child-friendly terms it addresses death, grief, and how God and our Catholic faith can help her or him through this sad time. Through thoughtful consideration, prayer, and specially designed activities, it helps children ages 7-12 understand death, funeral rituals, the grieving process, and what to expect during the first year after the loss of a loved one. Schuler, a certified school counselor with an MS in Counseling Psychology, gives a reassuring voice to a child's feelings of loss, and provides a safe space where hopes can be expressed and memories can be treasured.

Features & Benefits:

  •  Gorgeous illustrations can be colored in to help inspire creativity during this difficult time
  • Includes a resource list for adults, parents, and caregivers
  • Ideal for ages 7-12

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