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Jesus Feeds a Huge Crowd Big Book

Delight young children with Big Book Sets that feature engaging stories from The Catholic Children’s Bible! The Big Books introduce young children to the joy of reading and help them to delve into the actual story in a group setting.

    Use classic big books to engage young readers and introduce them to the Bible.

    • Jesus Feeds a Huge Crowd Big Book, measuring 14 in. x 21 in., is designed to be easy to read and hold in front of a group of children
    • The Big Book expands on one of the featured stories from The Catholic Children’s Bible by using beautiful artwork directly from the Bible to help tell the story
    • At the end of the book there are Guiding Comprehension Questions designed to help children understand what happens in the story and how they can apply the lessons to their own lives
    • Each of the inside spreads is reproduced on the back cover, making it easy for a teacher read to the class while holding


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