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Jesus He Lived Among Us

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by R.F. Palavicini & Steve Cleary

Jesus: He Lived Among Us is a retelling of the life of Christ, based on the animated movie of the same title from The Voice of the Martyrs. With John the Apostle as the storyteller, this presentation of Christ's time on earth is a biblically based, dramatized narrative that takes the reader on an exciting journey, depicting Jesus' life from the perspective of the persecution He and His followers experienced.

These stories illustrate the profound effect His life had on His followers and on those who considered Him a threat or a heretic. While not your typical Bible storybook, Jesus: He Lived Among Us is a powerful learning tool for young people and adult new believers as they discover Christ's relevance to their lives.

Readers will be challenged to a deeper faith as they witness the sacrificial nature of following the Christ who lived among us

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