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Lent and Easter Wisdom From St. Augustine

by Agnes Cunningham, SSCM

"In humility and charity, by fasting and giving, by restraining ourselves and pardoning, by paying out good deeds and not paying back bad ones, by turning away from evil and doing good, our prayer seeks peace and obtains it." - St. Augustine, Sermon 206, 3

Augustine of Hippo is arguably one of the more influential Fathers of the Church, but it is not because of his famous works on theology and philosophy that we look to his as a figure of wisdom. Augustine's writings and ponderings on his personal transformation tell a wonderful story of conversion, reminding us of our own daily conversions. By meditating on these passages, we can transform our own lives, and join in St. Augustine's confession of praise.

In Lent and Easter Wisdom from St. Augustine, Agnes Cunningham, SSCM, uses passages from St. Augustine's writings to guide and inspire our journey this Lenten season. Augustine's rich spiritual life forges our way during this season of repentance and redemption as we continue to explore the mystery of our salvation.


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