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Louder Than Words: The Art of Living as a Catholic

by Matthew Leonard

Is Catholicism more than giving up beer or chocolate for Lent?

Even if it's good beer or great chocolate the answer is a resounding "yes!" In fact, we're called to have such faith that when others meet us they actually see Christ. But how do we do that in a world where Notre Dame means "football" and not Our Lady?

By following the lead of so many before us…

We have living examples of holy men and women who overcame the same types of temptations we face and shortcomings we all have, to become "huge, blinking neon signs that pointed to Jesus." And if they can do it so can we…with a little practice.

Author, lecturer, and Catholic convert Matthew Leonard combines the stories of the saints' triumphs and struggles along with his own personal anecdotes and wry humor to show us all a fresh take on the art of being truly Catholic in a contemporary world.

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