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Moving Forward

Your parents drive away just like they do in the movies and you settle into your dorm room with a quirky new roommate just like the movies. Then your dad texts you about something you forgot and you realize you don’t have a job, money, or any clue how to get by in college. Oh, and tomorrow is Sunday and where is the nearest Catholic church?

College brings a lot of changes – and many are good things but lurking behind freedom and independence is a greater choice for good or bad. Unfortunately, many people fall away from their faith in college. Holiness isn’t a pursuit that allows us to take time off. Make college more than a passing grade – make it about sainthood.

Moving Forward is a collection of over 60 articles that will help you keep your faith (and grow in it) through college. Settle into your new dorm room, but don’t settle into a routine and fall out of faith. Make college count for holiness.

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