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Pillar II: Sacraments Starter Pack

by Dr. Sean Innerst

Sacraments is a 12-part study that guides participants through the first section of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Not only will you learn about the power and purpose of the sacraments, you’ll also discover how these fonts of inexhaustible grace can transform your life, providing strength, healing, and hope.

Learning and Living the Catechism

Your Group Will:

  • Discover the sacraments as the source and power of grace Jesus gave us to face life’s struggles, challenges, and temptations.
  • Learn about the sacraments’ biblical origins.
  • Understand how the Eucharist foreshadows Christ’s second coming.
  • See how the sacraments mystically transport us into the actual events of Christ’s ministry.
  • Learn how the ancient Jewish Temple can be seen as a prefigurement of the Mass.
  • Discover how both holy orders and marriage are ordered “towards the salvation of others”... and much more!

    This Starter Pack contains everything a leader needs to begin a Pillars II: Sacraments Study, including:

    • 6 DVD Set (Twelve, 45 min. Sessions)
    • Study Set
    • Leader's Binder

      Each participant of the Study should have their own Study Set, and additional facilitators should have their own Leader’s Binder.


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