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Praying the Rosary with Mary

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by Angela Burrin

“I am Mary, the mother of Jesus, and I love hearing children pray the rosary!” Mary “speaks” to children in this book about the mysteries of the rosary, explaining what happened in each mystery and asking children to pray with her and for her intercession. All twenty mysteries are included here, illustrated realistically and colorfully by Italian artist Maria Cristina Lo Cascio. This book is a great introduction to the rosary and will engage young children by helping them visualize the mysteries they are praying. The first-person narration brings each mystery to life and helps children to know that they can always turn to their loving Mother, Mary, and her Son, Jesus.

  •    Can be read through in its entirely at one sitting or used to pray a single set of mysteries. 
  •    Kindles interest in the rosary and the central mysteries of the faith. 
  •    Makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift for First Communion or any other occasion. 

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