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RCIA Gift Cross (6")

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The ideal gift every RCIA sponsor, spouse, or friend is looking for to give their catechumen or candidate, the RCIA gift cross features the symbols of each of the three sacraments of initiation.

An RCIA Gift Cross is also an excellent decoration for church meeting rooms dedicated to the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, and as a bonus, it is easily transportable, making it ideal for meetings held in homes or multi-purpose rooms.

The 10" and 15" sizes will come with a keyhole in the back for both the pedestal cross, and wall cross styles. The 6" size will come with a plastic hook to hang it if you order it as a wall plaque cross, or a base to put it in if you order a pedestal cross.

This version of the RCIA Gift Cross is not personalized, and thus is more suited for church decoration and ministry usage.


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