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Saint Clare of Assisi; Runaway Rich Girl

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by Kim Hee-ju

Enjoy the amazing story of Clare of Assisi, vibrantly illustrated in this Shoujo-Manga style graphic novel!

Saint Clare had everything a young girl could want: wealth, a loving family, and her faith. Her father desired the best for her and planned that she would marry according to the family's position in society. Not only was the suitor her father chose for her handsome, he was also of noble birth. Clare wanted to please her family; but she had heard St. Francis speak of the love of Jesus. Her heart longed to share in the poverty of Christ, live among the poor and serve them in her daily life just like Francis, but she could not do that as the wife of a nobleman. In this book you'll discover how Clare ran away from the only life she knew to start a radical new adventure in holiness for women, following Francis in his love of the poor Christ. The Order she founded is known today as the Poor Clares. Vibrantly illustrated Shoujo-Manga style graphic novel tells this amazing story for children ages 9 to 12.

Features & Benefits:

Shoujo-Manga style graphic novel for kids ages 9 to 12
Joins other graphic novels in Pauline Books and Media's series
Engages the "reluctant reader"
Provides a historical biography with a strong female role model
Shows the beginnings of the Franciscan spirituality
Introduces kids to St. Francis and the Poor Clares
Exposes young people to the religious life

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