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Saints for Communities Activity Book

by Jeff Albrecht

The Saints for Communities Activity Book includes fun activities and coloring pages for all six saint books included in the Saints and Me! Saints for Communities Series: John Baptist de la Salle (saint for teachers); Joan of Arc (saints for soldiers); Matthew the Apostle (saints for bankers and accountants); Cecilia (saint for musicians); Michael the Archangel (saint for policemen and EMTs); Thomas the Apostle (saint for architects/builders/construction workers).

With 96 reproducible pages, this coloring and activity book will makes a great resource to use over and over again! The variety of activities enables children to relive the story and learn through activities that correlate to the story (such as word searches containing the words in the story, coloring sheets of pictures from the story, reflective material on the saint as a role model). This is an excellent way to introduce these saints to children, helping them to understand their virtues and desire to live holy lives. Activities are varied enough to be used with preschool (4-year-olds) through second or third grade. An answer key is provided.









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