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Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Lively Virtues DVD

Join Father Robert Barron for this engaging presentation concerning the seven deadly sins, those great spiritual blocks that inhibit our flourishing in relationship with God and one another. Based on Dante’s writings, the seven deadly sins correspond to the seven stories of Dante’s Mt. Purgatory. Pride, envy, anger, sloth, gluttony, avarice and lust are all presented as patterns of dysfunction within us that lead to unhappiness.

However, Father Barron shows us how to counteract these seven sinful patterns through a conscious process of opposition, which are the “seven lively virtues."" The seven lively virtues offer antidotes to each sin and help set us on the right path to healing and happiness.

This DVD can be used for personal reflection and examination of conscience or in a class or group setting, followed by discussion or meditation.

Options for English and Spanish subtitles and Spanish voice over.

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