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Teresa of Ávila: God Alone Suffices

by Jean-Jacques Antier

    Easily one of the most amazing figures history has known, St. Teresa of Ávila led an exceptional life for a woman of her time as well as our own. Hailed as a Doctor of the Church, foundress, reformer, mystic, and prolific spiritual writer, she responded to the vocation God entrusted to her, allowing nothing to stand in her way. She battled fellow Carmelites, faced down the Inquisition, wrestled with Satan, and grappled both with inner demons and physical limitations?while never losing her sense of humor! Personal weakness and external obstacles only fueled her unwavering certainty that God accomplishes all and that he alone suffices for our deepest desires.

    In this biography, internationally known author Jean-Jacques Antier recounts Teresa's life in vivid detail, from her earliest years as a romantic and worldly young woman to her passionate love for Christ and subsequent efforts to refound the Carmelite Order. He carefully explores the spiritual and psychological depths of a remarkable woman-one who has left an indelible mark on the Church and the world. Antier's keen characterization and vivid prose both take us back to the world of Teresa of Ávila and bring her forward into ours, resulting in one of the best portraits of Teresa available today.

    Features & Benefits:

    •  Includes: a full-color insert
    • A map of important foundations
    • Chronology
    • Index of names
    • Genealogy

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