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The Catholic Teen Bible

The Catholic Teen Bible from Life Teen meets teenagers where they are in their faith walk with authentic, clear and candid language. With 128 supplemental pages of distinctively Catholic resources, this teen Bible helps teens grow in their love for the Sacred Scriptures and introduces them to God’s plan for their lives as revealed in His Sacred Word.

A great scripture resource

Including an overview of all 73 books of the Bible, the Catholic Teen Bible can help draw you into deeper study of Sacred Scripture. Additional resources include sections on how to read Scripture, an overview of the Covenants and Miracles in Scripture and their significance, and a glossary of Biblical terms.

Authentically Catholic

With an imprimatur from Bishop Thomas Olmstead of the Diocese of Phoenix, you can have confidence that the Catholic Teen Bible will draw teens more deeply into Scripture and love of the Church. Quotes from the Saints on Scripture and a section on Tradition and Scripture give great context to our Catholic faith and the Bible.

Mary's here too

Get your rosaries out because we love our mother. That's why we have a section on the Rosary and Scripture for all 20 decades.

Sacraments explained

Ever have a hard time knowing where the seven Sacraments can be found in Scripture? We explain the Biblical basis for all the Sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church.

Answers to explain the faith.

Teens have great questions about the faith. Learn more through our practical apologetics section that explains Catholic teaching to Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

Source and Summit

We love the Eucharist! Understand the Mass more through a list of Scripture verses relating the Mass and Scripture as well as a full listing of the cycle of Sunday readings.

Grow deeper in Prayer

Lectio Divina, or "Divine Reading," is a practical and ancient way to pray through Scripture. Give teens the tools to be drawn into praying Scripture through Lectio Divina.

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