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The Fundamental Theory of Happiness: How to Find Your Purpose and Be More Joyful

Happiness is not a science. It is an art. There are rules and guidelines that—once we learn them and live them—lead to a true and lasting happiness.

By examining the fundamentally happy role models of our modern age, the lessons learned throughout history, the best research from the most prestigious institutions, and personal life experience, this book gives the reader insight into their own journey with happiness.

The Fundamental Theory of Happiness uses clear, easy-to-read language to show you how to:
  • Discover the enemies of your happiness
  • Get a better grasp on the rules you live by
  • Be able to better handle negative emotions and situations
  • Communicate more effectively with your loved ones about happiness
  • Share the faith better
  • Be a happier, more hopeful person!

The Fundamental Theory of Happiness is an immensly practical book that will have you feeling better almost as soon as you start reading ... give you a roadmap to maintaining the true, abiding happiness that is more than just a feeling ... and finally, show you how to share that with others.