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The Works of Mercy Explained

by Silvia Vecchini

This illustrated guide explains the corporal and spiritual works of mercy to children ages 8-12. Using examples from scripture, saints, and people of today, including Pope Francis, each section shows children how to practice the various works of mercy. While learning the meaning behind each act of mercy, they will be inspired to develop a spirit of mercy toward family, friends, parish, and the wider community. Concrete examples of mercy in action and questions for individual reflection and group discussion allow children to see how they can help develop new paths for mercy or enrich those that already exist in their world. This third volume in the Explained series is the perfect companion for children during the Extraordinary Year of Mercy and beyond.

Features & Benefits:

Includes notebook sections for reflection
Colorful text and illustrations provide a positive learning experience.
Includes individual reflection and group discussion questions
Ideal for ages 8-12
Part of The Creed Explained and The 10 Commandments Explained series

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