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Treachery and Truth; A Story of Sinners, Servants and Saints

by Katy Huth Jones

Immersed in the historical background of tenth century Bohemia, this true tale of Good King Wenceslaus pulls the reader into the struggles and danger of the Dark Ages. As told through the eyes of Poidevin, the faithful servant of the young Wencelaus, this story gives readers a front row seat to watch Christianity emerging in a pagan world at war.

Fear grips the land as the faithful face betrayal and persecution under the reign of the pagan Duchess Dragomira. As she struggles for power with Prince Vaclav, the rightful heir to the throne, her foes forge alliances in secret despite the risk of discovery. Through the menacing times Duke Vaclav instructs his young servant in the light of faith and brings hope to the people of his war-torn country by spreading peace.

As families clash and threaten the nation, the question remains: Who will survive?

Features & Benefits:

  • Discussion questions for group and individual perspectives
  • Extensively researched for historical accuracy
  • Tells the true story behind the Christmas carol
  • Uses authentic names and language appropriate to the times

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