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DVD - Truth and Consequences


For many non-Catholics it’s the single greatest stumbling block when it comes to seeing eye-to-eye with the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Once you convince a non-Catholic to accept the teachings of an infallible Magisterium, everything else seems to fall into place.

Let Tim Staples DVD, Truth And Consequences: The Case For Authority help you break down those barriers. 

In an engaging and easy-to-follow style that has become his trademark, Tim uses three examples in the arena of faith, and two examples from the arena of morals to show not only why the Magisterium is crucial, but what the consequences are when the Magisterium is absent. 

Tim demonstrates with clarity, force, and humor that these consequences extend beyond mere doctrinal error—they impact the destiny of our immortal souls.

Truth And Consequences: The Case For Authority will leave you with a greater sense of gratitude for the gift of the teaching Church and a greater desire to share this great gift with others as well.  Let Tim enable you to engage others calmly and confidently when talking about these crucial truths.