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Vox: A Field Guide to Journaling

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Oh look, it happened again. That blank page is staring you down like a messy room – you know you should do something about it, but have no idea how to begin. It’s possible that you’ve heard journaling is important, but you’ve never been given the instructions as to how to begin the practice. Even with pen in hand, adoring Christ in the Eucharist, it can still be difficult to connect your head and heart with paper. Vox is your tool for exactly that scenario. 

Whether it is every day or just on occasion that you find yourself in need of a jump-start to journaling, Vox is aimed at helping you find God’s voice in even the quietest of times. This book contains voices from the saints, quotes from Sacred Scripture, and short prayers to offer up before you begin journaling, all broken down by topic so you can find prompts to fit your prayer, and so a blank page is never daunting again.

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