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Why Believe In Jesus?

by Trent Horn

Jesus of Nazareth was the most famous man in history—and certainly the most controversial.

Was he the Son of God? A political revolutionary? Just a wise teacher whose followers turned his memory into legend? Or maybe he didn’t exist at all… except as a fanciful mixture of ancient myths.

With so many competing versions of Jesus to choose from, how can we know that traditional Christian teaching about him is true—in fact, that it is worthy of our faith?

In Why Believe in Jesus?, apologist Trent Horn examines the historical, biblical, and logical evidence to build a compelling case for the reasonableness of belief in the Christian Jesus: that he was truly God incarnate in first-century Judea, put to death on a cross and risen on the third day.

Along the way, Horn debunks common myths about Jesus, both popular and scholarly, that try to compete with the Christian understanding. For example, he shows:

  • How ample historical attestation rules out any reasonable possibility that Jesus never existed at all.
  • That attempts to link Jesus to pagan deities don’t stand up to scrutiny—in fact, they’re mostly just made-up.
  • How Jesus’ own words about himself, and his actions, logically rule out his being just a good and wise human teacher.
  • That the empty tomb on Easter Sunday, and the events that followed, compellingly suggest that Jesus really did rise from the dead—not that he merely fainted on the cross, or had his body stolen.

In the gospels Jesus asks, “Who do you say that I am?” Watch Why Believe in Jesus? and be readied to answer that question with knowledge, confidence, and faith.