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Yours Is the Church: How Catholicism Shapes Our World

by Mike Aquilina

Great works of art. Beautiful music. World peace. Human dignity....Yours Is the Church celebrates the key role the Catholic Church has played in culture, history, and society, detailing the many ways the Church has transformed our world. While not skirting the issues and failures that have plagued the Church, Mike Aquilina inspires everyday Catholics to recognize the Church's proactive role in courageously preserving spiritual freedom and nourishing culture from its inception through the present day. Yours Is the Church is sure to renew the confidence of Catholics everywhere.

"Yours Is the Church provides an urgently needed and eye-opening reminder of the historical witness, cultural greatness, moral leadership, and perennial relevance of the Catholic Church."
Patrick Madrid, author of Envoy for Christ: 25 Years as a Catholic Apologist

"Christianity has radically changed the world for the better. In a book that's both thoughtful and entertaining, Mike Aquilina shows how the Gospel really has been the good news in the most practical ways possible. Even the atheist ought to thank...whoever he thanks...for the rise of Christianity."
David Mills, executive editor of First Things

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