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Gifted: Unleashing the Power of Confirmation

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by Alison Griswold

Confirmation can have an incredible effect on a young person’s life, but only if you unleash the power of the Sacrament. blogger Alison Griswold helps your Confirmandi live out the gifts of the Holy Spirit with this book perfect for teens.

In the Sacrament of Confirmation, God gives you gifts... seven of them, actually. They are the gifts of the Holy Spirit - but here's the catch, like any gift they have to be opened. This book, Gifted, will help you unleash the power of Confirmation The same Holy Spirit that empowered the apostles is within you, waiting for you to give God permission to transform your life from average to incredible.

Confirmation can transform your life... if you let it, and Confirmation is the sacrament that just keeps giving. Literally. You'll soon realize, after reading this book, that you have been Gifted. Whether or not you unleash these gifts, however, is up to you!



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