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Holier Than Thou: Amazing Saint Stories You Have to Read to Believe

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by Mark Hart and Greg Iwinski

With a unique combination of reverence and humor, Mark Hart and Greg Iwinski will re-introduce you to some members of our family tree (the Communion of Saints) whom you might knowbut also to some stories you might not believe. From men who could fly to a young woman who turned back an army, Catholic history is filled with heroic moments that reshaped history and miraculous events that defy logic.

In Holier Than Thou, you wont just read crazy stories about people whose faces radiated light when they prayed or who could read peoples souls (although you will), youll also see how you can relate your own life to the lessons each saint teaches us, inviting them as companions on your journey toward sainthood.

God is calling each and every one of us to build His Kingdom on earth; let the lives and legacies of these saints inspire you to keep going and to keep growing in holiness.


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