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Jerusalem Cross Bracelet (sterling silver)


• 3/4 inch Jerusalem Cross pendent is stainless steel
• Hand-wrapped Lapis Lazuli stone dangles from end.
• Chain and clasp are sterling silver.
• Bracelet measured at 6-7 inches

The Jerusalem Cross is an ancient symbol in Christianity. It has two important meanings that are intertwined together. The first meaning; the five crosses represent the five wounds of Jesus Christ. The large cross in the center represents the wound in Jesus's side from the roman soldier's spear. The four smaller crosses represent the wounds the nails piercing our Lord's hands and feet. The Jerusalem Cross icon tells the story of the crucified Christ. It is a symbol of contemplation, reminding us of the humanity of our Lord and his saving death for each of us on the Cross.

In the second meaning; the cross in the center represents the city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem being the center of Jesus's life, death and resurrection. The four smaller crosses represent the spreading of the Gospel to the four corners of the world. It symbolizes the mission and evangelization in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

Combining both meanings, Jesus draws us close to His heart through His passion and resurrection that we can be fearless missionaries spreading the Good News for all mankind.

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