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That One Girl: Lessons from Mary for Young Catholic Women

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by Christina Mead

Captivate a woman's heart with real stories inspired by Mary about life, love and faith

Living as a holy Catholic woman is challenging. How does a girl balance friends, boys, expectations, academics, and the future all while living out her faith? And who outside of our family, do we look up to as a role model of living out true Catholic femininity?

How about that one girl that changed the course of history when she was just a teenager like you? You know, that one girl who never turned away from God?

That One Gil is Mary, the Mother of God. Jesus doesn’t want you to think of Mary merely as a statue in the corner of your church; He wants you to learn from her and live like her. He wants you to love her as He loves her…and to love her, we must know here.


Why should you buy That One Girl?

  • Because it will make your job easier.
  • Because you want to help form young girls into holy Catholic women, right?
  • And this book is ideal for girls ages 12 - 18 which = young girls!
  • It tackles issues that every girl struggles with and has solid, Catholic advice from a Marian perspective therefore = it helps them become holy Catholic women!
  • Bonus: It accomplishes all this in a fun and approachable way
  • Extra Bonus: You’ll sleep better knowing this is in your teen’s hands. (Results not proven but 50% guaranteed.)

How can you use this book?

  • Get a group of girls together for a 6 week “That One Girl” girl’s group/book study. You can read this short book two chapters at a time and the discussion questions are included in the back! (All you have to provide is the coffee and chocolate.)
  • You could even call your group, “Be That One Girl” and give out rosaries and marian medals at the end.
  • Buy the book in bulk and give it to girls in your youth group... girls in your church... girls at Starbucks!


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